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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

WWJD is finally answered in WDJS

WWJD is finally answered in WDJS

During the last century, there’s been 100’s of millions of people who have seen the initials WWJD and know it stands for “What Would Jesus Do”, however very few know where the book came from that gave us the ‘first’ thought regarding WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) 

Here's the WWJD Story:

In 1896, for his Sunday night services, Charles Sheldon thought he would write a story, which would continue one chapter a week, about various persons who applied "What would Jesus do?" to their lives. Sheldon was soon preaching to a packed crowd and his messages were organized and released in a book. In His Steps became a best-selling religious fiction novel, first published in 1896, the book has since sold more than 50,000,000 copies, and ranks as one of the best-selling books of all time.
The full title of the book is 'In His Steps: What Would Jesus Do?'. Though variations of the subtitle WWJD "What would Jesus do" have been used by believers for centuries, it gained much greater currency following publication of the book. Millions have asked themselves WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?) and now, WDJS (What Did Jesus Say) finally answers that question.
When I was first called to compose a book containing only the Words from Jesus without any added comments or opinions, I didn’t understand it and then I found out how few Christians have read all 4 Gospels containing the Words of Jesus. Hence very few even know what Jesus said in order to even know what Jesus would do.
Millions of Christians are misled into believing what Jesus said is not relevant compared to what Apostle Paul said. This is the main cause of many of the religious divisions in Christianity. Its said that 9 out of 10 Christians have never read all 4 Gospels and 60% have never even read one ‘complete’ Gospel. Its no wonder the Body of Christ is so divided worldwide; it's said we have over 30,000 different Christian religions and oddly enough many teach from the same Bible yet attack each other over their different opinions about the meaning of the Bible.
While composing my book, I researched (outside of religious academia) the different books in the New Testament - who wrote them, who voted them in the Bible, what books were rejected and when was the Bible formalized, and where did Sunday Worship, Easter and Christmas all come from and why are so many churches in disagreement. I was amazed to learn how ‘man's’ religious opinions could mislead so many from what Jesus said by creating so many different denominations, non-denominations and freestyle churches after the big breakaway in 1600 AD. And now, many of these ‘religions’ directly attack the Catholic Church as being evil and they say there’s over ‘one billion’ Catholics going to hell - wow. Such religious arrogance.
In conclusion all I can say is, if you really want to know WWJD, it really helps to know WDJS and when you know what Jesus said, then you know what God said and when we do what Jesus said, we’re pleasing God and serving His will and in doing so, we walk in His peace …… 

May His Words and Love, 
be in all we think, say and do.

I invite you to join me in a Video Message: WWJD is in WDJS 

My Brothers & Sisters,

If there's anything I can do that HELPS your walk, let me know because I'm called to HELP CHRISTIANS and the word H-E-L-P means Helping Everyone Life Peacefully 

In HIS LOVE, I serve 

In Closing, let me share with you my: Conclusions in Christ 

Who is Rev. Terry A. Christian?

He’s a former Inspirational Speaker and Executive Trainer with over 20 years experience giving more than 2,500 presentations to audiences across America and Canada. Several years ago, Terry retired as a public speaker after feeling the Holy Spirit redirecting his life. 

While in prayer, he was told to create a book containing only the words of Jesus. A book that would teach Believers, without interpretations, opinions or commentary. It would take him 12 years to complete the book, What Did Jesus Say .... The Seven Messages from the Master.  It's now in full color- Print, eBook and Audiobook, formats.
Today, he counsels individuals and couples seeking a more mature understanding of their relationship with Jesus Christ. His life is now dedicated to helping his brothers and sisters inChrist, live in a never-ending state of peace, love, and forgiveness, as followers of Jesus Christ. Terry believes after repentance and Baptism, this was the message Jesus taught; and teaching The Way, by The Word is the cornerstone of his ministry.

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